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Jackson Laboratory Underground Piping Project
Bar Harbor, Maine
Started: January 2017   Completed: TBD
Cost: $620,000
Project Scope
ABM Mechanical was responsible for procuring and installing the Steam and Condensate Thermacor Piping Systems from the existing Boiler Room to the existing underground piping system. The High Pressure Steam Thermacor Piping System is ten (10) inch diameter. The Condensate Thermacor Piping System is four (4) inch diameter. The project included a six (6) inch high pressure steam and three (3) inch condensate service line to a new building expansion adjacent to the new piping systems. Additionally, isolation valves and multiple underground expansion loops were installed. The project was divided into two phases. Phase 1 was completed in March and consisted of approximately 375 feet of the steam mains and a 50 foot service. Phase 2 start date is to be determined. ABM also provided the Chilled Water Thermacor Piping System and the on-site groundwork contractor installed the piping systems in the same trench.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Installation of Steam and Condensate Thermacor Piping Systems
Owner: Jackson Laboratory
General Contractor: PC Construction Co.
Subcontractors: None

Special Project Considerations
Winter conditions and significant ledge removal made the project more challenging.
MDI Biological Laboratory - New Training Laboratory
Salsbury Cove, Maine
Started: August 2016   Completed: February 2017
Cost: $400,000
Project Scope
ABM provided Plumbing and HVAC Systems and Services for the construction of the new 6,560 Square-foot Two-story Training Laboratory. The building construction was funded by MDI Biological Laboratory and a grant from Maine Technical Institute (MTI).

The HVAC System consists of two (2) Trane Rooftop Units, zoned per floor, to provide heating, cooling and ventilation for each floor. Rooftop Units were mounted on concrete pads adjacent to building. The Heating Plant consists of two (2) Propane (LP) Gas Fired Viessman Rack Mounted Condensing Boilers. The first floor heat supply is provided by in-slab radiant heat. The second floor heat supply is provided by perimeter fintube radiation. Three dedicated Mini-split Heat Pump Units provide heating and cooling for First and Second Floor Lobbies and First Floor Corridor. Dedicated Heat Recovery Ventilator Units provide ventilation air for the First and Second Floor Lobbies.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Plumbing & HVAC Design/Build
Owner: MDI Biological Laboratory
General Contractor: EL Shea
Subcontractors: Twin City Sheet Metal, Maine Air Balance, Damon Insulation

Special Project Considerations
ABM provided Domestic Water System Booster Pump, Vacuum Piping Distribution System and installed owner supplied Reverse Osmosis Water Systems and vacuum pump.
Jackson Laboratory Snell Building Renovation
Bar Harbor, ME
   Completed: March 2015
Cost: $1,750,000
Project Scope/Description
The renovation project consists of a two (2) level interior and the expansion of a mechanical penthouse for building 21 at the Jackson Laboratory. ABM Mechanical provided installation of plumbing and mechanical / HVAC upgrades for this project. This project also included installation of owner supplied equipment for building 21 for a system upgrade for the current HVAC

Special Project Considerations
This project needed to be completed in a relatively quick time frame while the rest of building 21 remained occupied and operational as office and laboratory space.

Project Team
General Contractor: Consigli
Subcontractors: Hahnel Brothers, Damon Insulation, Final Draft CAD
Bigelow Laboratory Residence Hall
East Boothbay, Maine
Started: April 2016   Completed: March 2017
Cost: $400,000
Project Scope
ABM provided all plumbing and mechanical systems for this project. The building is designed as a dormitory style residence for short term guests at the Bigelow Laboratory. The heating and cooling for this building is accomplished using a Multi-zone Mitsubishi Heat Pump System. All ventilation air for the space is provided by German made Zehnder Heat Recovery Units. These units utilize a highly efficient enthalpy core to transfer both heat and moisture from the exhaust air back into the fresh air supplied to the space. On the plumbing side of the project, ABM installed all components within the building for a complete modern plumbing package.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Plumbing and HVAC
Owner: Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
General Contractor: Consigli Construction
Subcontractors: Hahnel Brothers Co., Hi-Tech Insulation, Yankee Balancing

Special Project Considerations
This building is a wood framed structure with elevated foundation walls in some of the lower areas. This created some challenging situations for getting all piping roughed-in with the help of Consigli Construction, we were able to furr out some walls and get everything installed for a neat finished product.
Bigelow Center for Ocean Health Building C
East Boothbay Harbor, Maine
   Completed: December 2012
Cost: $2,180,000.00
Project Scope
Work includes Wing C (or phase 3) portion of a previous constructed research facility and a new shore facility. Work on this project includes providing seawater equipment and materials to draw seawater into facility for research purposes. Also included within this project are complete Mechanical and Plumbing scope.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Mechanical, Plumbing and Seawater Subcontractor
Owner: Bigelow Labs
General Contractor: Consigli Construction Company, Inc.
Subcontractors: Aero H&V, IB Controls, Mechanical Insulation Services.

Special Project Considerations
Seawater Intake System.
Seawater Research Equipment.
RO Water Systems
Medical Gas Systems
MDI Bio Lab Marshall Building
Salsbury Cove, Maine
   Completed: August 2012
Cost: $1,200,000.00
Project Scope
ABM provided plumbing and HVAC systems for the scientific laboratory areas.

The building air is achieved through a Semco 100% outside air handler with a heat recovery wheel. The heating is provided from two Lochinvar gas fired boilers. Air conditioning is provided through a McQuay rooftop chiller. Air distribution is accomplished through duct work with the use of VAV boxes. Laboratory exhaust is handled through EAV boxes which tie into a large exhaust fan in the penthouse.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Plumbing & HVAC
Owner: MDI Bio Lab
General Contractor: Nickerson & O’Day, Inc.
Subcontractors: Hahnel Bros., IB Controls, Maine Air Balance, Damon Insulation

Special Project Considerations
The building has unique piping systems such as seawater piping, LP natural gas piping, and non-potable water piping.