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Wood, Pellet, Coal, and other Solid Fuel Systems
Solid Fuels

Commercial Solid Fuel Systems Fueled by Wood, Pellets or Coal

Looking for an alternative heating source to avoid the inconsistent rise in the price of oil? ABM Mechanical can design, install, repair and service Commercial Solid Fuel Heating Systems such as Central Heating, Hydronic or Radiant Systems fueled by wood, pellets or coal and including components such as bins, feeders, boilers, pumps, controls and piping. We specialize in new construction and renovation projects for commercial and industrial industries such as Hospital and Healthcare, College and University, Laboratory and Medical Research, Aquaculture, Retail, Multi-Unit Housing, Industrial and Government.

ABM Mechanical is capable of providing and installing several different heating options. At the start of the planning process or any design, ABM can assist with design or provide ideas and expertise on all types of solid fuel system options for your project. ABM Mechanical delivers services for wood chip furnaces, wood boilers, pellet boilers and coal boilers.

These alternative sources of heating and other mechanical systems may provide a much more competitive price when compared to oil or propane boilers. Pellet boilers can be used for hydronic or forced air systems with benefits of using a renewable source and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

The following is a partial list of the Solid Fuel System Projects ABM Mechanical has completed:

Two internal wood pellet FleXILO bag storage silos that draw pellets inside from the outdoor silo and supply these pellets to the boilers using an automatic vacuum suction system that is integrated with the built in logic controller. This vacuum suction system is used in lieu of the auger system because of the boiler room layout. Each silo consumes quite a wide area in the room and with this system, the silo and boilers do not need to be in the same room, but need to be at least 66 feet from one another.

Wood Chip Furnaces

  • Parker Lumber Mill
  • PV Manufacturing

Wood Boilers

  • Flood Dairy Farms
  • JM Brown

Pellet Boilers

  • Carrabec High School
  • B&B Paving
  • Katahdin Valley Health Center - Patten
  • Katahdin Valley Health Center - Brownville

ABM Mechanical realizes the importance of experience and training which is why we ensure our staff is properly trained on the newest equipment. We are a certified dealer for OkoFEN Pellet Boilers and have licensed professionals who are qualified to design, prepare, install and service your equipment.