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Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building
Bangor, Maine
   Completed: July 2013
Cost: $8,100,000.00
Project Scope
The MC Smith Federal Building Renovation Project is a multi-phased, building renovation project encompassing the entire building and being performed while occupied by tenants. With mechanical and plumbing system completely being replaced, ABM has been intragal in scheduling and establishing milestone completion tasks helping gage occupant transitional scope.

Highlight’s off this project is an open loop geo-thermal well system that will serve at the building’s primary heating and cooling system. Conventional HVAC heating and cooling systems will serve as back-up to the geothermal system during extreme degree days.

Other features include: rain collection systems; condensation reclamation system; micro turbine.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Mechanical and Plumbing Subcontractor
Owner: General Services Administration
General Contractor: Consigli Construction Company, Inc.
Subcontractors: Hahnel Bros., Honeywell, Tekon, Damon Insulation.

Special Project Considerations
Geothermal open well system serves as the primary heating and cooling of this building.
Tennant occupied during all renovation work. Temporary provisions for heating and cooling were required and maintained throughout the duration of the project.
Rainwater collection for irrigation system.
Condensate reclamation cooling system water make-up
US Land Port of Entry
Van Buren, Maine
   Completed: June 2013
Cost: $2,500,000.00
Project Scope
Complete installation of new plumbing and mechanical systems. The mechanical system was designed to incorporate a variety of sustainable energy equipment, using both geothermal and solar technology. The facility is heated mainly through water to water heat pumps which extract heat from an extensive geothermal well field. These heat pumps are supplemented by two bio-diesel hot water boilers during peak demand periods. The heating ventilation exhaust air utilizes an energy recovery wheel for maximum building efficiency. The domestic hot water for the facility is also heated by the solar collectors and this is supplemented with electric heaters. The facility is cooled using a system of water to air heat pumps connected to the same geothermal well field.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Plumbing and HVAC
Owner: GSA
General Contractor: J&J Contractors
Subcontractors: Damon Insulation, Honeywell, Central City Sheet Metal, Tekon Technical Consultants

Special Project Considerations
Maintaining the mechanical budget of the project through the design process.
BGS Data Center
   Completed: December 2012
Cost: $820,000.00
Project Scope
The work performed on this project consisted of a total renovation and conversion of an existing two story building into a state of the art data center. ABM Mechanical was responsible for installing the entire cooling, heating, ventilation, and plumbing systems for the facility. The cooling for the data areas of the building was composed of a Liebert XD pumped liquid refrigerant system, the first of its kind to be installed in Maine. The entire data storage area cooling system was designed with total redundancy. Every component in the system was engineered with some type of backup so that there could never a complete system failure, which could result in the loss of vital data information stored on the servers.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Plumbing and Mechanical Scopes
Owner: State of Maine Bureau of General Services
General Contractor: PC Construction
Subcontractors: Honeywell Automation Controls, Damon Insulation, MHR Sheetmetal, Yankee Balancing

Special Project Considerations
This cooling system was the first of its kind to be installed in the state; therefore many of the components were unfamiliar to the installers. On top of this, the project schedule was extremely fast paced. Despite all of the challenges presented, ABM was able to finish the project on schedule with exceptional quality in the finished product.
KC 135 MEANG Maintenance Hanger
Bangor, Maine
   Completed: November 2012
Cost: $2,600,000.00
Project Scope
ABM Mechanical provided plumbing and HVAC for a KC-135 Hanger, along with all of its supporting spaces. The hanger floor is 28,000 sq. ft., which also includes an in-floor radiant heating system. The heating plant has three, four million BTU, natural gas fired Fulton boilers. The building also has a central compressed air system, and an air craft wash system. There are Trane air handlers located on the Mezzanines, which are located in the hanger bay to provide conditioned air throughout the building. There is an exterior ground mounted chiller which provides cooling for the office spaces. Automatic compressed hose reels were installed in the hanger bay by ABM.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: Plumbing & HVAC
Owner: Maine Air National Guard
General Contractor: Sheridan Corp.
Subcontractors: Damon Insulation, Hahnel Bros., Hughes Engineering, Air Solutions

Special Project Considerations
Helped design and install door track drains, and provided heat under the doors to keep them from freezing during cold temperature weather.
Penobscot Judicial Center
Bangor, Maine
   Completed: May 2009
Cost: $4,300,000.00
Project Scope
The work on this project consisted of the installation of the entire plumbing and mechanical systems for this new facility. The heating system was composed of a gas fired Cleaver Brooks boiler plant which produced hot water for the coils in the air handlers and VAVs, baseboard heating, and for a section of radiant snowmelt near the entryway. The cooling was provided by a chilled water system with a McQuay chilled that fed the air handlers cooling coils.

Project Team
ABM's Role: Plumbing & HVAC
Owner: State of Maine Judicial Branch
General Contractor: Consigli Construction
Subcontractors: Damon Insulation, Central City Sheet Metal, Johnson Controls

Special Project Considerations
The mechanical noise control was an important consideration in the design of this project. Because of this the seismic and vibration requirements were very strict to ensure that the finished facility would have quiet mechanical operation.
Somerset County Jail
Madison, Maine
   Completed: August 2008
Cost: $4,600,000.00
Project Scope
Construction of 92,776 square foot correctional facility to house 173 inmates. This project is to be performed under an accelerated schedule is scheduled to be operational in 16 months.

Mechanical System consisted of a full scale boiler plant, with hot water baseboard, and air handling units. The air side system consisted of multiple air handling units, a full variable air volume system and an air conditioned facility.

Project Team
ABM's Role: Performed all the mechanical contract requirements
General Contractor: Sheridan Corporation
Subcontractors: Hahnel Bros., Mechanical Insulation, Trane