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SAD #74 Anson Schools Pellet Project
Anson & North Anson, Maine
   Completed: October 2011
Cost: $390,400.00
Project Scope
Renovation of all three schools boiler rooms to replace some oil heating capacity with OkoFEN Pellet Fired Boilers and equipment. A total of seven pellet boilers, with fuel handling systems for each of the three school locations were added. We also removed the old boilers and relocated new boilers from other schools to replace 80% or more of the schools oil consumption. This approach allowed a faster payback and also had the advantage of providing modernization of equipment and a back-up fuel source. Many other system upgrades were part of this project as well.

Project Team
ABM’s Role: General Contractor, Plumbing & HVAC
Owner: Cordjia (Owner Representative)
General Contractor: ABM Mechanical, Inc.
Subcontractors: Maine Energy Systems, Damon Insulation, Maine Air Balance, Twin City Sheet Metal & Ilina Engineering

Special Project Considerations
This project had to be started and completed while the students were away on summer break. The high school required a complete boiler room renovation that included three new pellet boilers, new boiler stack, abatement and removal of the old boilers, installation of a relocated oil boiler, installation of new hot water tanks, and many other improvements.
The middle school required the removal of a 5000 gallon oil tank enclosed in a vaulted space in the building. We turned this space into storage for the new pellet storage systems and added additional storage space for the school.
We accomplished additional energy savings by automation to completely isolate the oil fired boilers when they are not needed to eliminate off cycle losses.